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Raising the bar & the glass ceiling

Market & Financial Analysis

Juliette Real Estate Investments and Development hand selects our projects and bypasses those that we forecast will not meet sufficient investment returns.  We take the time to fully vet each property, but also make decisions quickly as real estate is a time-sensitive industry.

While renovating and recreating properties is our passion, we always rely on disciplined market and financial analysis. Sticking to our formula leads to landing and executing a steady flow of successful projects.

Development & Redevelopment

Real estate development and redevelopment require the vision to imagine, create, build, market, and sell attractive properties from beginning to end.

We excel in the knowledge of every step of this process.


Juliette has an investment philosophy focused on delivering superior product to end users at appealing values, while generating strong investment returns.

We seek to execute projects with efficiency, profitability, and unsurpassed personal commitment.   We keep each project, intended end users, and investors in the forefront of all that we create.

About Us

Juliette Real Estate Investments & Development is a diversified group, building and refurbishing residential single-family homes and multifamily projects. We are creating fusion between Investment Firms, Contractors, Realtors, and the ultimate beneficiary of our creations, the home buyer.

We are driven to surpass our investors’ expectations, listen to our customers and deliver above and beyond the ordinary.

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